Optimising the launch of a new lunch range by monitoring weather conditions and delivering contextually relevant creative

Greggs the Bakers and Creative Race launched a dynamic campaign to promote Greggs' new ‘Balanced Choice’ range, a range which boasts convenient and healthy lunch options all under 400 calories.

Weather activated creative

The dynamic campaign alternated between three creative adaptations and only displayed on screen when the ambient weather conditions were relevant for each creative. The data was sourced from the MET office official feed and provided hyper local insight into the weather conditions at each screen in the campaign.

Environmental Targeting

Targeting by environment is now a widely used means of dynamic campaign activation. You can target by weather condition, temperature, pollen count, atmospheric pressure and pollution. We only use credible 3rd party data sources to guarantee accuracy, we gather insights from a host of different suppliers and use this insight to optimise the relevance of content.

The Facts

Date: January 2016 Brand: Greggs the Bakers Agencies: Creative Race, Kong Outdoor, 8 Outdoor Campaign Details: Environmental Targetting/ Urban/ Retail