Lego Star Wars take the first ever 'Primespot'

In cinema advertising, the 'goldspot' refers to the 60 second commercial directly before a feature film - and is when audiences are, naturally, their most attentive.

Before making it into the cinema, however, audiences spend an average of 14 minutes in the foyer collecting tickets, meeting friends and purchasing snacks. This long dwell time is now being fully capitalised upon with Primespots from Primesight.

Lego Primespot Working closely with Flux, Primesight allowed Lego to show content exclusively in each cinema foyer for the full 15 minutes prior to every screening of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story throughout 120 cinemas nationwide.

The trading model, which simply uses a pot of 1750 hours, highlights digital out-of-home's flexibility and - refreshingly - branches away from the traditional 2-week, 1 in every X model. Brands are free to use their 15 minutes however they like and are able to easily utilise the extra playout time with longer copy or interactive content.

Lego Primespot

You can find out more about this campaign and cinema advertising here.

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