What is Weather Triggered Content?

The weather too has a large impact on consumer demand. Dynamic advertising gives brands the ability to differentiate their message by the ambient weather conditions surrounding the billboard. Rain, heat, humidity, and light level all have an impact on the immediate needs of the consumer.

We’ve all been there. Caught in a rain shower and in need of shelter, dynamic advertising means brands can offer up their store in a consumer's hour of need. Not forgetting the ability to finally capitalise on the unpredictable British weather.

Stella Artois celebrated the results of dynamic outdoor when they launched a weather triggered campaign to promote Stella Cidre. The brand recognised that cider, a drink associated with sunny weather and hot temperatures, would be less likely to sell in cold, wet weather.

As a result the ad was only shown when the temperature was two degrees higher than the national average and would not be shown in lower temperatures or where it was raining. As a result the brand saw a 65.6% uplift in YOY sales of Stella Cidre.

‘Summer Quicknic’ Campaign, Greggs the Bakers, July 2015

We collaborated with Greggs the Bakers to promote their lunch deals at the most relevant time and dependant on the weather conditions at that moment. The aim of the ‘Summer Quicknic’ campaign was to promote the variety and flexibility of the lunch range on offer at Greggs. The dynamic creatives were pre-prepared and when the ambient weather conditions were just right, the most suitable lunch deal was triggered.


Boots, Humidity Triggered Content Example Boots, Humidity Triggered Example

Next time we’ll be introducing traffic and transport.